Mutina Accents

in collaboration with OEO Studio

In Italian, the accent consists in increasing the intensity with which a syllable is pronounced. Mutina Accents refers to the action of emphasizing, accentuating, highlighting the excellence of the company in the ceramic field, to give new variations related to the world of interiors architecture.

Mutina Accents introduces a universe of high-quality complementary products, designed by OEO Studio, which create around and enhance the spirit of Mutina ceramic tiles. Totally new materials such as wood and metal, along with paints, are thus placed side-by-side the collections of the brand, with an exciting use of colours and architectural elements which match the company’s own spirit.

Mutina Accents aims at redefining the approach to the world of interior design through 36 different settings (A.1 – A.36), starting from surfaces. This process offers an infinite number of possible combinations: Mutina ceramic collections are thus placed alongside with a range of paints available in 20 colours with different finishes; in addition Mutina Accents features 8 extremely versatile furnishing accessories, plus a range of 4 architectural elements including panelling, skirting boards and space-dividing elements.

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